Parliamentary Affairs and Legislation

Parliamentary Affairs and Legislation

(B) Parliamentary Affairs and Legislation

1. Matters relating to the legislature including salaries, allowances and privileges of Speaker, Deputy Speaker and members of the assembly and Parliamentary Secretaries and leader of the Opposition.

2. Summoning & prorogation of Legislative Assembly and joint sitting.

3. Dissolution of Assembly, Liaison with the Departments in matters of the Legislative Assembly.

4. Follow up of the assurances of the Government made on the floor of the house for their implementations.

5. Approval of rules of procedures for Legislative Assembly and joint Sitting.

6. Matters relating to the salary, allowances and privileges of the President.

7. Scrutinizing and drafting of bills, ordinances, notifications, rules, regulations, statutory orders and by-laws.

8. Scrutiny of non-official bills.

9. Scrutiny of contracts and agreements.

10. Authorization for signing of contract deeds/instruments on behalf of the President and the body set up by it.

11. Codification of laws and printing of Acts, Ordinances, rules and orders.

12. Constitutional legislation.

13. Laws relating to legal profession.

14. Civil law and procedures.

15. Election laws except those relating to Local Bodies.

16. Matters relating to Election Commission.

17. Laws relating to Holders of Representative offices except local bodies.

18. Easement licenses and all matters relating to civil service.

19. Evidence Act and Oaths Act.

20. Personal Law.

21. Family Law.

22. Guardian, Wards and succession matters.

23. Transfer of Property Act.

24. Arbitration Laws.

25. Wills legacies and intestacy.

26. Insolvency and bankruptcy including the appointment of official assignee Administrator.

27. Registration Act, Deeds and conveyances relating to transfer of property and encumbrances, including collection of stamps registration fees and cesses levyable under different laws on such deeds.

28. Criminal Law procedure.

29. Law reforms and law Commissions.

30. Reference to the Council of Islamic Ideology and implementation of its recommendation.

31. Promulgation of ordinances on all subjects.

32. Legislation on any subject not specifically assigned to any department.