Conduct of Government Litigation

Conduct of Government Litigation

(A) Conduct of Government Litigation including

1. a. Representation in criminal cases;

b. Appeals and application for enhancement of sentences and conviction and

c. Filing and defending civil suits appeals etc, by or against the Govt. and civil servants.

2. Defense of pauper accused in the Courts and fees to pleaders for such defense.

3. All arbitration matters in which Govt. or any statutory body set p by Government is a party.

4. Reference to supreme Judicial Council.

5. Reference to Supreme Court under Section 45-A of the Constitution.

6. Matters related to legal practitioners, including scales of fee.

7. Matters related to the approval for appointments of legal advisers and engagement of legal practitioners/Advisers, Law Officers for the statutory/autonomous bodies and determination of their pay or the fee and termination of their services.

8. Govt. Law Officers, Advocate General, Assist/Additional Advocate General, Public Prosecutor, Govt. Pleaders, Special Counsels appointment, transfer, leave and fee etc.

9. Appointment of Notaries Public.

10. Representations against the orders of Mohtasib.

11. Advice to Departments on all legal matters including interpretation of laws, rules and orders having the force of law.

12. Reference to the Advocate General by any other Department for Legal Advice.