The Law, Justice, Parliamentary Affairs and Human Rights Department


The Law, Justice, Parliamentary Affairs and Human Rights Department is responsible to deal with variety of important functions of the Government. It is mandated to provide financial and administrative support to its Attach Department and Special Institutions. It is also responsible to manage all parliamentary business of the Government including legislative drafting. Moreover, Law Department is obligated to conduct all litigation and furnish legal advice when required by different departments and agencies of the Government. In addition to that, Law Department is assigned with task to vet Government contracts and agreements. Human Rights Wing has also been established and existing staff is assigned additional duties to look after human rights protection issues since 2005.

Mission Statement:

To provide sound legal infrastructure to get easy access to justice and conducive environment to achieve decent standard of life for people significantly through good governance, equitable dispensation of justice and protection of human rights.

Governing Laws:

  • Azad Jammu and Kashmir Interim Constitution,1974
  • Azad Jammu and Kashmir Rules of Business,1985
  • Azad Jammu and Kashmir Law Department Manual,2016


  • Azad Jammu and Kashmir Interim Constitution, 1974
  • Azad Jammu and Kashmir Laws Code 1948-1988 (Volume I- VIII)